Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween, this year, was a week-long endeavor. We had a ward party on Tuesday, a carnival on Friday, and trick-or-treating on Monday. We had a great time. The girls looked so adorable. Yes, even the scary witch. I love the age of both my girls. You are really able to see their personalities in what they chose to be for Halloween. Sydney has discovered make-up. She loves it!!! Wants to wear it everyday. She stood on the counter in the bathroom for a very long time, just staring at herself in the mirror. Am I frightened? You bet I am. (But deep down, I am pleased that she is so girly!) Elaina is like me, I think. She took her costume very serious. We both enjoyed trying to get her make-up to look as realistic as possible. She was sweet, though. She asked me not to make it too scary, because we were trick-or-treating with her little cousin, Kaylie, and she didn't want to scare her.
The three little girls were the most timid trick-or-treaters ever. We walked slowly and knocked softly! Ha! It was fun! Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Elaina gets Baptized!

We had a great summer filled with fun adventures. The girls visited their cousins in Denver, while Josh and I finally made it back to Europe to see the places he served as a missionary. It was wonderful, but Josh and I were soooooo happy to be back in the same country as our children. In August, Elaina turned 8! She was baptized in September. Elaina, your mom and dad are so proud of you. You are such a wonderful, smart, caring and enthusiastic girl! We are glad you made the decision to be baptized. I know what a tremendous blessing this will be in your life!
Sydney turned five in September, even though she wanted to be eight like Elaina! She is going to preschool. Sydney, you are such a smart girl! You are playful, independent, sassy and giving. Your mom and dad love you so much!